Gallery Owner Cindy Cottrelle of Oakville’s Summer & Grace Gallery graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1979 with a Degree in Fine Art. Cindy’s art education led to her to a successful career in Interior Design for over 40 years. As a testament to her success, Cindy transformed countless homes with grace and elegance including a 1970’s retro style beachfront Florida condo to an 1860’s stone castle in Southern Ontario. Many homes have been touched by Cindy’s flair and passion for design and deep love of colour and style.

Cindy’s latest venture now leads her to the art world. The creation of this exciting art gallery of Summer & Grace in downtown Oakville will provide a venue for both emerging & established artists across Canada to showcase a diverse body of artwork in a relaxed environment. Cindy’s mandate is to offer an alluring and captivating space where both novice buyers and art collectors can enjoy art from both emerging and established Canadian artists who continue to leave a significant contribution our society.

Please join Cindy and her team as Cindy shares her love of art with Southern Ontario. Future plans will include a teaching and learning space for small groups of artists.

Cindy’s hallmark will remain as it has throughout her career – a footprint of charm, elegance, grace and refinement.

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